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X-ray examinations are used to provide important information about your health and body, and help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis. Like light or radio waves, x-rays are a form of electromagnetic energy. Unlike light, however, x-rays can travel through your body. In medical tests, x-rays are passed through your body and make an image on a computer monitor or film. X-rays are produced for a moment when a switch is turned on. Like visible light, the radiation does not remain when the switch is turned off.

Like other medical procedures, x-rays are safe when used properly. X-ray examinations are performed by a technologist, a radiologist (a doctor specialized in the reading of x-rays) or both. Radiologists and x-ray technologists are trained to use the minimum amount of radiation needed to get the required results. The amount of radiation you will be exposed to in an x-ray examination is very small.

The images produced are interpreted by a radiologist. He or she will report your results to your doctor. Your doctor will then provide you with this information.


Location, Hours and Contact Information

Main Hospital, 2nd Floor, A Block South
Report to X-Ray reception desk. For easier access, use the Hospital’s South Entrance.

Appointments available Monday to Friday from 7:35 AM to 4:00 PM

Telephone: 204-237-2526 | Fax: 204-237-7439


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Your doctor may give you information and preparation instructions for you to follow.

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