At St- Boniface Hospital, hope and healing means so much to so many.

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Welcome Nurses

At St. Boniface Hospital, we are focused on giving the safest and highest level of care to every person, every day, every encounter.

To this end, we have embarked on a journey to transform care processes in ways that help redirect nurses’ time to patient care. Staff involvement in improving care processes is central to our vision. Nurses are caregivers, teachers, scientists and researchers, involved in all aspects of patient care. Our transformation activities call upon your expertise and leadership to bring changes to care processes.

Creativity and innovation coupled with compassion and specialized nursing skills are increasingly required in today’s world to meet the needs of our communities of patients and their families. We look to each of you to share your knowledge and skills.

As one of Winnipeg’s leading acute care, teaching and research organizations, St. Boniface Hospital provides an environment that values and supports nurses. Our eight clinical programs offer an amazing variety of opportunities whatever your goal and career path – as a direct care provider at the bedside, nurse clinician, educator, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner, researcher, manager or director – and a diversity of practice and challenges to help you grow.

If our vision and mission of care inspires you, join us for the opportunity to make a difference.

At St. Boniface, practice nursing in a way that gives meaning to life!


What our patients have said about our nurses:

“ I wish to commend you for hiring Janet (6AW). She is a wonderful nurse and I applaud her for her empathy towards all her patients. While I was recovering from surgery, Janet was very caring and effective in allaying any fears I and others may have had. There was no mistaking that she is well trained and competent.”

“From admission to discharge, your nursing staff made me feel important, and their care was exceptional. Each individual, no matter how inconsequential our contact, was professional, considerate and compassionate.”

What our nurses say about working at St. Boniface Hospital:

“As someone who has worked in other provinces and a wide variety of different sized hospitals, this is the first place that offered me a wonderful sense of community.”
Trica Garrioch, Surgery Program Educator

“The influence of the Grey Nuns remains present at SBH as we carry on their sense of loyalty, caring and compassion. People are truly here for the sake of the patient.”
Cheryl Bennett, Surgery Program Educator

“Nursing is a team effort at SBH-that’s why I like it here.”
Danielle Gauthier, 7AWEST Nurse

“Nursing is a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care with all supportive members involved.”
Sally Gin, 7AWEST nurse

“Nurses as front-line workers are always heard at SBH. Manitoba Nurses Union and SBH Management collaborate in a respectful environment to resolve patient care issues.”
Diana Martinson, 7AWEST Nurse, MNU Board Member, MNU Local 5 Executive

“SBH offers a friendly atmosphere and many opportunities to advance your skill set.”
Jessica Adamczyk, 7AWEST Nurse

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