At St- Boniface Hospital, hope and healing means so much to so many.

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Senior Management Team

Martine Bouchard
President & Chief Executive Officer
St. Boniface Hospital
Administrative Assistant: 204-237-2340

Dr. C. Scott Brudney
Executive Director
Clinical Programs &
Chief Medical Officer

Telephone: 204-237-2317

Rhonda Findlater
Executive Director
Clinical Programs &
Chief Nursing Officer

Telephone: 204-235-3021

Nicole Aminot
Acting Chief Financial Officer

Telephone: 204-235-3597

Nicole Aminot
Executive Director
Support Services
Telephone: 204-237-2632

Doug Chervinski
Chief Human Resources Officer
Human Resources
Telephone: 204-237-2735

Micheline St-Hilaire
Corporate Affairs & Communications
Telephone: 204-235-3557

Dr. Grant Pierce
Executive Director
Telephone: 204-235-3206

Vince Barletta
President & CEO
St. Boniface Hospital Foundation
Telephone: 204-237-2067


Board of Directors

Tom Carson

Haig Vanlian

Members at large:

George Bass

Debbie Brown

Léo Charrière

Gabor Csepregi

Romel Dhalla

Neil Duboff

Dr. Jose François

Dr. Gary Glavin

Hugh Goldie

Jacqueline Gosselin

Normand Gousseau

Alfina Grande

Cliff Jeffers

Diane Leclercq

Gary Pachal

 Bianca Salnave-Dandekar

Alice Sayant

Joanne Therrien

Daniel Lussier (ex-officio)

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